Touching Base

Whew. It’s been a hectic past month or two. I changed jobs and my schedule has gotten a bit out of whack because of it. I’ve tried to ensure that I keep up the schedule for The Garage (which I have so far, knock on wood), but I know the quality is still sub-par. Just know that I’m trying to get on track and I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with the strip so far.

Somewhat paradoxically, I also recently started posting the occasional short story to my blog at Little Artifacts. I won’t make any commitments regarding the update schedule on that one, but I’m trying to do something every week or so. Also, my self-titled blog gets updated with miscellaneous doodles and stuff. Check them out if you’re interested and have not done so yet. Also, while I’m at it, please consider liking The Garage’s page on Facebook.

Okay, enough self-promotion and whining about my busy schedule. I really do value all the readers I have for this strip and I hope to do right by you with funny and entertaining strips in the future. I would also like to engage with you more, both in comments and in blog posts. I have a natural tendency to want to defend or explain my creative work and, to this point, I’ve tried to stay quiet and let it speak for itself, for good or ill. I’ll continue to do that, but maybe I can still find something extra to say.


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