Secret Origins

Most readers of The Garage: The Webcomic don’t know that The Garage began as a live-action webseries in 2008. I ought to warn you that it is not very well made. And I take full responsibility for that. While I’m still pretty happy with the writing, I failed everyone involved with very poor direction and awful editing. I have tried many times since then to re-edit the series, trying to pull the best pieces out, but I often get discouraged and can never find the time to continue working on it.

The short-lived and poorly-made series has been available online, but only if you knew to look for it. So, against my better judgment, but for the sake of some bonus material for you, my dear readers, I have put the episodes up on their own site. Despite my bar-lowering sales pitch to you, I hope that you’ll consider checking it out. I’ve tried not to steal too much from the series when writing the strips and the two incarnations are mostly compatible. The comic is, needless to say, a bit more off-the-wall and fantastic, but the basic elements are still there.

If you like the humor and characters of the strip, and can look past the rough edges of the webseries, I think you may enjoy it.


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