Important News: The Great Migration

Hey, everyone! I am launching my new all-inclusive website, TIMID Studios, and I’d like you all to check it out. This will be the new official home for The Garage, as well as all my other creative works including miscellaneous other comics, writings and more.

Through the magic of WordPress, I should be able to migrate all of The Garage’s current followers over to the new site and you shouldn’t have to do anything to continue receiving the updates. If this is not the case (i.e. if a new strip doesn’t show up for you on Tuesday), please let me know. I will not be updating this current site with new strips any more.

While there is some older stuff that has been moved over there already, new content will begin appearing on TIMID Studios tomorrow (Monday) or late tonight.

Thanks for reading the comic and I hope you continue to enjoy all of the new stuff!


Let’s Not Make This Awkward

So, can we just forget that The Garage and I have been MIA for nigh upon 8 months? Yes? Fantastic. Let’s forget about the past (except where it relates to the actual comics already uploaded) and instead focus on the future.  The Parkers have returned with a new schedule – Tuesdays and Thursdays – and, well, pretty much everything else is the same.

In conclusion, thank you to all who have waited around (or, more likely, just never thought to unfollow the site) and I hope you enjoy the return.


Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, ‘Tis Off Twerk I Go…

Hello, Readers! It’s been busy around here, sorry I haven’t chatted with you in some time. Between my 48 hour twerking binge and then subsequent 24 hour rest and rehydration period, I’ve been too preoccupied to make a post. Also, I’ve been asked to take part in Geek Month over on CheekyGeeks. I’ve already supplied some comics (including an exclusive Garage comic you can only find there!) for Week One: Fantasy Week. Check out what they’re doing over there and keep an eye out for more exclusive comics to pop up there through-out the month.

For you American readers, I hope your holiday weekend was fun and safe. For all the other readers, I hope your weekend was just as fun and safe, even if it wasn’t as long as a holiday weekend. And for my Martian readers, I’m sorry that your days are weird.


Secret Origins

Most readers of The Garage: The Webcomic don’t know that The Garage began as a live-action webseries in 2008. I ought to warn you that it is not very well made. And I take full responsibility for that. While I’m still pretty happy with the writing, I failed everyone involved with very poor direction and awful editing. I have tried many times since then to re-edit the series, trying to pull the best pieces out, but I often get discouraged and can never find the time to continue working on it.

The short-lived and poorly-made series has been available online, but only if you knew to look for it. So, against my better judgment, but for the sake of some bonus material for you, my dear readers, I have put the episodes up on their own site. Despite my bar-lowering sales pitch to you, I hope that you’ll consider checking it out. I’ve tried not to steal too much from the series when writing the strips and the two incarnations are mostly compatible. The comic is, needless to say, a bit more off-the-wall and fantastic, but the basic elements are still there.

If you like the humor and characters of the strip, and can look past the rough edges of the webseries, I think you may enjoy it.


Touching Base

Whew. It’s been a hectic past month or two. I changed jobs and my schedule has gotten a bit out of whack because of it. I’ve tried to ensure that I keep up the schedule for The Garage (which I have so far, knock on wood), but I know the quality is still sub-par. Just know that I’m trying to get on track and I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with the strip so far.

Somewhat paradoxically, I also recently started posting the occasional short story to my blog at Little Artifacts. I won’t make any commitments regarding the update schedule on that one, but I’m trying to do something every week or so. Also, my self-titled blog gets updated with miscellaneous doodles and stuff. Check them out if you’re interested and have not done so yet. Also, while I’m at it, please consider liking The Garage’s page on Facebook.

Okay, enough self-promotion and whining about my busy schedule. I really do value all the readers I have for this strip and I hope to do right by you with funny and entertaining strips in the future. I would also like to engage with you more, both in comments and in blog posts. I have a natural tendency to want to defend or explain my creative work and, to this point, I’ve tried to stay quiet and let it speak for itself, for good or ill. I’ll continue to do that, but maybe I can still find something extra to say.


Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Well, it’s been a three week adventure going daily with the strip. After some deliberation, I feel it’s necessary to revise my schedule one last time and take the strip to a Monday – Friday format. I hope to prevent any problems with maintaining the strip and, most of all, I hope to be able to increase the quality of the strip.

I appreciate all the wonderful readers who have joined me so far and I hope this change in scheduling will not result in losing your confidence or interest.

Thanks so much.